I have been worrying about Kenya Youth Bulge

Hitler sorted german youth bulge by sending millions to die in the Eastern Front. Those German blondes used to zaa like rabbits. He created such a huge German Army that the “group” formation was coined to be above division ie Army Group North, Army Group Central and Army Group South. A group had many divisions. He lied to the youth he was creating more space to the east so their horny women and fiancees and other miscellaneous kungurus can breed bila kusumbuliwa.
Now back to Kenya, Nabii1 a small time improviser facing unprecedented youth bulge-unemployed, angry and hungry, was handed DRC war on a silver plate, he did not start it, so he has minimum blame if he can send 100,000s of youths to Congo jungle, the likes of @Weyn, @Tauren and @Ndindu to bravely die for their country.

Nope …
He shoulld begin with the First Daughter …
She needs to keep occupied …
Otherwise , she will be selling Smokies all over the place … :D:D

What should worry you more than politics is the kimilili virus which is multiplying like nasense . Kuna ndume mbili huko zenye ukimwi and they are reproducing HIV positive featuses each gestation period .
10 years to come majority of Nairobi will be infected with first class HIV from patient zero @uwesmake

If killing youths ndio solution, HIV infested homosexual @uwesmake is doing a better job.

We need first to entice the boy child that his fight is to create space in East DRC for first daughter and other kungurus to breed, and its them to sow the oats.

You just a bitter gathee

More youth, more customers, more money.

using data,somalis give birth to 7 children while the national average is around 3.3.

where education attainment is low,high birth rates are likely.

kenya is expected to enjoy demographic dividend at around 2050 if people will attend tvets etc

I concur with you. Arror anafaa achukue all the unemployed youth between 18-26 awaweke kwa jeshi kisha watumwe DRC na Somalia. Maneno ya upkeep na ammunition atakuwa sorted na USA and other interested parties.