I have an organization

Hello guys,i have an organization and am looking for donors. It is for helping orphans and old people. For more info dial
0757636723 or join whatsapp group https://chat.whatsapp.com/IIYtnjvGGPR8q3cD0i3dhq

Hapa hakuna nyanyako tembeza kubwa kubwa

ok bro

Dont you have a website, hizo group za whatsapp tunazioneanga kwa 18. Conmen/Ladies tupu. Im willing to donate to a genuine organization, na sio via mpesa.

Try a telegram group… We want to be anonymous donors

what dp you mean


That’s not how to look for donors …CONMEN always start by saying dont send money halafu baadaye atakukamua bado

Hii peleka kijiji ya wazee

What are you gaining in doing that yourself? 60% of funds?

Good question from last poster, please make some good website with the detailed PDF of such and we possible can really do that if needed, care to share that with us anyway. Do you want to make it all possible or not ? Let’s talk!

Find ppl with disposable income to con… This is the wrong crowd.