I have a question

I’ve heard of lots of con stories. But am not sure whether this is one. Apparently, I met this lady on Tagged, a little chit chat, she gave me her email address. She says that she wants me to go over to her country and stay with her. She’ll send the money for air transport. All she needs is a scanned copy of my Visa to confirm with the relevant authorities from her country, Canada, whether my Visa is authentic. So what do you guys think, before I send my visa, is this another fraud??

@introvert kuja ujibu your outer…, Sorre your alter ego.

NV letaa hio efidence ama u r just fantasizing…

That means I’ll have to bring screenshots of the convo??

Two tools come to mind… A pen knife and a power saw. That’s all.


And Canada = Kamiti


she does not need to, she can just purchase for you an E-ticket while in “Canada”/“Kodiaga” if she fears you will gobble up the money with hookers.

However, I do not know but I have a feeling there is a long con being played

why the visa card to establish your bona fides and not any other form of ID- passport, DL…? why just the money card?

It is a trap

You will be a sex slave to Canadian birrionares in a mansion in Nova Scotia… Your anal virginity will be vandalised repeatedly without compenseshen.

Hehe, huyo oga atatumia Visa yako ku-commit crimes ka zote huko nje. Ever heard of identity theft?

Run like this

Cid unaona hustle sana

umetoka Nanyuki? mimi kuna vitu nilichanganya weekend bado nina mild headache hadi wa sasa

Hio ni sincity am happy nmetoka.
On sato pia nilimeza pilsner 7 nkaongeza jugdaniels na balozi, sema karibu niingie auto pilot, maze jana niliangalia wallet nikaskia kulia

Romance Cons

Naive NV that is a tree holder you are talking to :D:D

Samebody ! Where is the seat ?