I have a question in regards to transporting Turkana oil for export....

My question is why is the government more focused on exporting oil and yet we Kenyans import the same oil…i mean this doesn’t make any sense!!![ATTACH=full]98220[/ATTACH]

It’s all about joining OPEC

We dont have a working refinery

Then build one.

a refinery costs 350b.
are you willing?

We should but the exports are pilot. And again the oil that will be pumped will be more than what we reaquire and so we will still have to export

They can export all they want as long as they sell me a litre at about 30bob max, I’ll be ok . So those kengen suckers can sell me electricity cheaply …

Kwani hii iko hapa 001 ilikuwa shutdown for good?

Yeah equipment is outdated so it needs a complete overhaul or a completely new one

Prof GSO , “if you drill anywhere deep enough you will find oil” Oil in kenya is a mirage and its economic viability a shadow, 10 year from today, 2027, we will still awarding similar tenders just for hype,

marasmus legs evidence please

Weweee bana hatuko weekday kwenye tuna state facts lakini hii yako unahitaji back up ya efidens bana

na ile kitu iko magongo mombasa ni nini???¿

i thought so tooo,if they can borrow to build roads why not borrow to build refinery

I have explained that in another comment up there

kengen wanauzanga mafuta kwani, kama half a litre ya maji ya dasani ni 50bob mafuta ndio ita kua thirty bob ???¿

it’s equipment is obsolete

Please explain, hata kama si leo, create a new thread and explain.

Have you ever seen the electricity bill, it shows fuel levy and some fuel related charges .
With fuel prices down, prices of commodities should come down ideally.

The weather condition isn’t favourable for one.