I have a feeling a good nomber of talkers can relate.. ?

Me hukuwa introvert to the core. When I was younger I mistook it for being shy and made it a life mission to be very social. Shit that stuff drained the energy out of me and nearly depressed me. I later came to accept that I am who I am. Siku hizi kama hatusaidiani (business, self development, threshold etc…) I will cross the road to avoid talking to you na si kwa ubaya:D:D ( This laughing emoji is so sissy.)


Hehe… very true. Kwanza hio part ya ku avoid small talk. Then the different labels… proud, aloof etc. When out drinking I enjoy loud company though I’m mostly quiet so everyone is on my case telling me nimenyamaza sana sijui hawo hutaka niseme nini

hahaha I enjoy loud good music but no talking… Some people have labeled me a snob…

Which nomber. Or is it nember

very guilty,halafu some people start saying you are rude or a snob

In as much as its good to avoid small talk atimes its good to socialize kiasi, u get to know da goings-on around u.
Case in point; Mtaani there are Kungurus, guys, shops, joints, estate, plots etc to avoid kabisa.

Being a snob all the time siku moja utalipia!

Huyo ni mimi

Me too esp first year campo nilijiwaste sana nilipatana na classmate kwa mat leo alikuwa beshte mbaya but i didnt even bother saying hi sijui kwa nini n she seated next to me… she didnt either nikajua hapa the feeling is mutual … n life goes on


…save for the drinking part, I could say exactly the same thing about myself


[COLOR=rgb(163, 143, 132)]NOw combine being an introvert +an empath that shit is fakd up

We introverts are the most understood folks on the planet…almost every other extrovert (majority of earthlings are extroverted) has a not-so-nice opinion about us. In fact, the society in general mistakes us as snobbish, self-righteous, and narcissistic folks. Others think we are cowards for not airing our opinion in every other discussion.
A few, good to say, admire and/ respect who and what we are.

Salamu sio uji ati utaskia njaa

ni vizuri kusalimia na kujulia majirani hali kunanyeshaga suddenly ukiwa mbali na blanketi zako ziko nje…

mafala mnajisikia sana…

But people are too nosey,waiting for any bad news about you so that they can feel good about themselves and their miserable existence…true story

…sometimes its induced. Looong time agoooo, i once believed i was one: Kumbe nikakitu sikuwa nayo…read peasant.

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There is nothing like being introvert and shy.Its gonna kill me one day