I hate Islam not Muslims

There is difference between the two it’s like hating the habit of drinking and not hating the drunkard or hating the habit of laziness without hating a person struggling with laziness.

I hate Islamic ideology, it’s devilish. It’s about control and domination. If anyone has a struggle between what to choose, read the life of Muhammad and the life of Jesus Christ. Christ taught love and forgiveness, never did he teach about hatred or any manner of discrimination. Many people hate Christianity because of Christians while forgetting that Christians do not represent Jesus. Most of the people who actually claim to be Christians are secular or are just there for business like those called pastors. For you to judge what a Christian should be like read the life of Jesus Christ and his teachings, majority of what so called Christians do is the opposite of the same

Similarly to judge what a true Muslim ought to be like read the life and teachings of Muhammad and it’s no different from the radical Muslims. Mohammad himself married an underage girl of 9 years old and waged war in order to get people accept Islam. Islamic ideology is the greatest threat to world peace because it’s about domination and control. It’s about imposing Islamic ideology to the entire world through war and that’s why all terrorists that kill in the name and for God are Muslims.