I hate City life

I have never lived in a city/town till recently when I was in campus and tbh vitu kwa ground hukuwa different. My parents happened to be secondary school teachers so fortunately every school they were posted they were given a self contained houses to live in with their families.

Fast forward vile nilijoin campus in KU I realized that nairobi is just but a one big slum juu kusema ukweli wasee/familia huishi kwa flats ndogo wamefinyana na pia most estates/slums are very dirty na vile tukiwa high school majamaa walikuwa wanaringa wanaishi nai plus relatives from nairobi vile walikuwa wanang’ara ungedhani wanaishi kwa castles nai…shit… enyewe situation kwa ground hukuwa different sana

Another thing is that my first few weeks nai niliexperience respiratory complications juu my lungs weren’t used to the poor air quality and pollution iko nairobi. What baffled me the most is how chakula ilikuwa inaonja weird ama different from nyama,beans,fruits and vegetables…it is later that I realized that nairobians mnakulanga Takataka…If you don’t believe me just check out NTV expose dubbed #red alert which shows how supermarkets renew expired meat for sale using dangerous chemicals na kukula samosa za paka,kuuziwa nyama za punda in butcheries,sukuma za sewages na sukari ya mercury…plus a classmate of mine vile wao hupaka dawa kwa matunda eg watermelons ndio zikuwe kubwa haraka walete into high demand high selling the nairobi market.

Kusema ukweli living in the city has its bright sides such as the vibrant life juu I was really looking forward to experiencing city Life juu yenye nikiwa high school nilikuwa nasema nasoma kwa bidii niende campo kujibamba

After kumaliza masomo sikukawia juu I had enough of the substandard lifestyle na nikajitoa…I now reside in my village where everything is good cause we grow our own food,hakuna kulipa rent and I can hustle for online work here because network is decent and there’s just peace of mind and generally a higher quality of life…

What bothers me the most is that I believe as a young lad I am missing out on fun, opportunities,achieving my potential or something else or maybe I am rotting village juu enyewe nai keeps you on toes and alert yaani unakuwa mtu chap chap but sitaki kurudi in that shit hole called a city

naeza balance aje wadau ama ni fikira za kiupuzi tuu

You are not missing out on anything to be honest. You tried it, you hated it. You have peace of mind and higher quality of life. What else do you need? To borrow from an old TLC song, don’t go chasing waterfalls.

Middo class guys are realizing the con that is Nairobi.

Mental health trumps everything.

If you live in Nairobi and major urban centres for 20 yrs, believe you me you’ll hate ocha and shudder at the thought of relocating to shags…Bado hujaonja city life nanii.

What do you mean city life? Kumeza hewa chafu and being stressed out by rent or chasing deals? Usisahau traffic jam and dangerous drivers. Huku pesa unasave like nonsense nyumba umeweka bathtub na ndege ndio zinakuamsha

Nairobi is very overrated.

I was born in Nairobi stayed there for the first 30 years of my life, moved away from the city 9 years down the line, still enjoying it in the shags I have been to places 99% of you will never be in your life.

Nairobi is one big shithole uko sawa kijana usirudi huko tena.

If there is one thing I don’t miss its spending 3 hours, yes, 3 agonizing hours on lang’ata road on the way to work in the morning. Ingebidi utoke kwa keja 5:30 asubuhi ni kama unaishi naivasha. Haya, saa za kurudi, pale bomb blast ungeweza panda mathree ukae ndani ukingoja ile rounda iko hapo ifunguke for an hour and a half, maybe two. I wonder whether things got any better. And that is just one of the many, many inconveniences you face on a daily basis. Si husema kuna viongozi lakini hii kenya hawa wasee hakuna any wao hufanya. Ni watu bure kabisa.

Ubaya of shags is that there’s nothing to do. Weekends are boring as hell.

Can totally relate. I spent my teens in Nairobi kisha i went back after campo and it was like the city has digressed, takataka kila mahali na slum eyesore not to mention the dust, smog, noise, jam aaaai hapana hata unilipe ngapi sirudi tgat shithole. Shagz ni mambo yote

Nikiwa Vumbistan my day starts at 11am kama Konyagi. Only difference ni yeye ana chasers wanna clear traffic. No way I’m sitting in traffic for 2-3 hours for a trip that’s meant to be 30 mins without it. In dusty Vumbistan chasing airs in the wind. At least by 11am nikielekea CBD nikiwa na shughuli traffic imepungua.

Ndio tunaelewa ya kwamba wewe ni mjaluo na lazima utujulishe that you own a car while in Kenya and that you drive the car yourself to Nairobi. I know you would like for me to ask you which model so that you can brag even further. Or even which hotel or estate do you stay in while you are near Nairobi. I imagine that such questions would invite a smile from your toothless lower gum.

Pokot tunajua as a senior game park wochman you have been into Mt elgon crater

It’s because you all ran away from Busia or Bungoma to Nairobi. Hamlipi pesa ya matanga.

Mlisoma mkatoroka. You need to reinvest back in these places that you call “reserve” or “village” .

In the Kenya of today post devolution there is no reserve or village. You should settle in and develop all areas without fear or favour.

Jenga nchi is what we were told while your Jomo plundered resources. Wengine hatujawai ishi uko. Developing we can, but why does it have to be my village town. If you have ever run a business, you will realize you only locate it in a place that makes business sense.

When were you last in your shags? You may get shocked.
Nimezurura hii nchi and I am yet to find a boring place. There are always fascinating people everywhere you go. There’s always something to see, learn or do. Just wander around and hear people’s journeys through life. Plus some counties are doing a really wonderful job of improving infrastructure. Plus the rural areas have the added advantage that you can retreat to isolated areas where you can have peace. Just you and nature.

That is a luxury most people including myself do not have, my friend. I had to be in the cbd as early as 6 a.m. so as not to be stuck in the gridlock. Others like those who live in the outskirts (ronga, syokimau etc.) had it rougher, some leaving home at 4 in the morning. The bypasses didn’t help much in that regard, maybe the expressway will knocking wood

A lot is changing definitely. But when you they say going to shags ni kuenda ndani kwa village. For me thats a drive. Kwa town ni kama tu Nai. Theres lots of places to travel I agree.

And many other places, that you read about in books, newspapers na Kuskia Kwa karetio Kako.