I had to share this.

Imagine having a degree in Finance together with Cpa-K then working a sales job at KCB going door to door asking people to open accounts, then you are told “be thankful u have a job in this economy” respectfully I don’t think I have a job.

And sadly this economy has left us in situations where we cant survive without a loan, you need a loan to buy a car, house, school fees etc. We are not self sufficient without owing somebody, that’s just the reality of things.

And I would be surprised if any one of you would stand up and say “hey, I dont owe anybody a loan” I would be astonished. Branch? Tala? Mshwari? Kcb? Mortgage? Nothing, you would be a unicorn.

And its sad how graduates with extra professional qualifications have been battered by this economy, some of us have had to stoop to low paying jobs just to make ends meet because there are no jobs in the market

I remember once going for an interview for an accounting job, we were more than 100 and since I was late I got chatty with one guy asking whats going on, I later found out he had Masters, Cpa K and the job was only paying 25k,I felt like asking why he really was here.

In campus we were really excited about graduating then getting well paying jobs, I remember we joked in our banking class saying “mimi job ya teller siezi kubali, siezi anzia entry level mimi, middle level kuendelea na ikue 50k and above” nobody prepares you for whats out here…

And I feel sorry for Banking graduates in this period, its doom for you. In an economy where you wake up to 150 retrenchments in a certain financial institution and you just sent your application, tomorrow it’s another. Interest rate capping, Technology and all that, I am sorry.

And I know its gotten so bad to where you had even contemplated going back to shags since you were depressed, I know almost all of us got to that point. Helb notifications, rent, food, upkeep. You have walked to town, printed a million CVs, exhausted all your resources…

… and nothing is coming through, some companies dont even give you feedback its like those applications are marked as spam. So what do you do other than go back home, think a little bit as you draw strategies. Home it is then u get there wanasema “Nairobi imekushinda”…

Kenya is messed up. While you should be thankful to have a job in the current situation, it does not mean anyone should settle for less just because its 's bad for everyone else. That way of thinking only brings mediocrity. Do your job well, hata kama you are over qualified for it. Excelling at things like those adds up and it becomes 2nd nature to someone. Kenya iko pabaya, one should not go down with the ship.

I don’t owe anyone anything. There’s something called working smart, saving and investing wisely, ever heard of it?

Tell us more Mr.economist

It’s really not rocket science. I live within my means and only buy what I need. I also believe in buying everything with cash. Loans tuliachia unye na gava yake :D:D:D

I do appreciate what i have even though it’s not sufficient to meet all my needs , wengine hapa wanajingamba na bado wako college.

Mwanaume ni kujaribu tu. In my short life I have realised there is a lot of money in Kenya. It’s just a matter of you finding out the most efficient and legal way to get that money in your pocket.

Give talkers some hints on how to mint money omwami,some of us a suffering in silence.

Do you know what time value of money means?.
seems to me you have been skipping your economic classes

Mkubwa am not yet on the stage to give such pointers. Am still suffering like you trying to find my niche.

Kenya kuna opportunity mob za biashara si lazima ukuwe employed na uvae suti

Ulipona Afande?

You just kaputed me with my economics and cpa though i am not looking for work . Create jobs my friend hii kenya ni ujanja tu inasaidia lakini uskuwe mwizi .

maisha ni magumu, mwanadamu huishi kwa matumaini tu…ukipata leo (hata kama ni kidogo) shukuru, ukikosa kesho utapata…kumbuka siku hazifanani

I don’t need economic classes to know the value of time and money, and how to make it work for me. Sometimes I think Kenyan education makes people stupid.

its not our fault you bunk classes and lost concept

I only owe kcb kshs 218 which i had paid and their systems didn’t detect.

But all in all i think it is a matter of skills and having a hands on experience with what you are doing. I meet people daily in workplaces and the things they do makes you wonder who taught them. Lots of nonprofessionals or half baked professionals out here. Look at even our media, half researched stories and poor grammar in the dailies.