I Had Forgotten Why I Don't Like Airtel Kenya Services

Most of you who have been here for a while know I top up my safaricom line more often than my airtel line not because they are cheaper but simply because of the convenience mpesa airtime top up affords me.
Sasa leo I needed to consume quite a bit of data and since niko kwa my folks mobile data had to do. Did quick math and determined unliminet ile ya 3gb for 1k valid for 30days would to the trick. Sent a kid to the shop for the purchase and then chilled till aroumd 12a.m before nianze kazi. Nimeweka that 1k then went to buy that bundle then naona not enough balance. Ku check balance imebaki 999. Bob imeenda? Can’t now buy that bundle unless I ask a friend to sambaza a bloody shilling. I just went back to my trusted safcom and did the needful via mpesa
Sahii ndio nimekumbuka this is not the first time a shilling has disappeared after a top up on airtel, used to happen lots of times around 4 years ago when I used to use this line heavily but the inconvenience has never been this big
This company is just bogus


Sasa unataka hug ama?

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Simple solution to simple problems.
De activate data 1st before top up and you will never have that problem again.


True, simple logic

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Airtel always pulls that stunt! Wonder where the 1/= goes to.

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Your apps use data in the background to update themselves or back up some information. When you are not subscribed to data services you “money” is used instead.

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That ain’t it, data was off

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They dont use airtel so they dont know


I hate when that happens too

which neanderthal still uses airtel

You must be very smart to decipher and communicate Neanderthal!


Yeah, needless of you to say. Some stupid ish is for your kind, 4-ma-kind

Funny thing. Saf does this too. Everybody knows you have to turn your data off before loading credit to buy data…hehe. Tena umewahi jaribu kununua bundles when data is on for safaricom. Tuseme unabuy bundles worth 50 bob na credo ni 50 pia. Itadai you have insufficient funds. Check your credit upate uko na 50 bob bado. Then turn off the data and try again uone itago through…
Hizi telco za kenya ni ukora tu.

Si bugs? :slight_smile:

I was fed up with this network long ago. Kuna time nlitop up to subscribe for bundles wakanikata credo. I inquired where the credit had gone and to my surprise wakaniambia nilikuwa na okoa jahazi, which anyway ata sijui huokolewaje.
Alaf ata speed ni ya upus. Tried to upload a file of 600mbs unaona eti 4 hours remaining.


Check your tariff properly. If it’s 254, then it has a service charge of 1/- every top up. I use & I have always used airtel. I don’t have any complains villager …


Mother fuckers, I don’t remember signing up, ama that’s the default tariff? Just checked on their facebook and that’s what they are telling guys who complain coz. of the one bob charge

It’s no default, you must have used it at least once. I have 3 airtel lines & only one which deducts the 1/- because I used the tariff severally. But you can unsubscribe.

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Si ungewaambia wakate 1mb kwa hio 3gb instead of airtime. …:D:D so ulibaki na 999 airtime na ni saa sita usiku