I guess this is the sort of footage that makes Obama's 2.16kg foreskin to shiver in utter fear.

His stone throwing arm withers in utter defeat. Anasindwa hata kutupa mawe. He even lacks the strength to kiss his man Michael on her muscular lips.

Obama ukicheza sisi kwisa kujia wewe namna hii na tung’oe hio nyama. Tukanyage hio nyama na lorry hadi ikatike.


Best selling CD in Kogelo Siaya for the past 16 years :


Zimefika $2 million pale give send go :



@patco leta link nichange kakitu ni na 5 dorrars.

Trying to raise money on GoFundMe for a politically incorrect cause is like being at war and asking the enemy to clear a path through their own camp to allow food and supplies to be delivered to your men. Why would they allow that? Why would you even ask?

Use alternatives! Talk of shooting one’s self on one’s foot. :D:D:D

Not Kogelo, Nyanza mzima

Liberals wamekasirika yao yote. Just today they have unleashed their best hackers on go send go.

By 2021 MAGA will have everything separate from mainstream liberals.

Trump will be on Newsmax and Rumble the liberals can keep the rest. Wakae na vitu zao. Ikuwe nchi mbili.



Duckduckgo wakianza ujinga naskia kuna ingine on the horizon. Nowadays i rarely use Google.

Gofundme wamesema watarudisha hiyo pesa… DeSantis alisema atarusha hao jela wakicheza

This is what that idgit dorsey had to say when banning our mzito trump many months ago.


He thought him and his fellow liberals would flex their puny muscles at MAGA without consequences. Soon their market share will be negligible.

And we will say, shooting one’s self in one’s foot is trademark liberal mentality. :D:D:D

I left my previously preferred browser when they supported those nonzenze liberal ideologies. Siku hizi niko another one on all platforms. Days of big tech lording it over users is long gone. No wonder idgit dorsey jumped ship before the listing to starboard becomes obvious. No pity for liberals, sink em all!

Facebook has been stable as a rock.

Stock price $150 in 2017.

On April 2021 it finally doubled at $300.

On December 28, 2021 they even hit $350 in the morning.

On Friday they closed at $237.09 .

The share has lost a third of it’s value.

Twitter has also been relatively stable.

Started in the $34 mark in 2014.

On 27th October 2021 walichezea $67.

On Friday walifunga wiki at $37.