I got offered a job.

I am in the final year of my degree program. I kind of have been offered a job by a company in Tanzania. The pay is good for me. We talking high 5 figures or 6 figure salary. All expenses paid. The problem is the job is based in Tanzania and am studying in Nairobi. I Have 1 year left on the program after which I still could possibly get the job. So guys should I abandon everything my studies, my life, family and girlfriend(Am sure hatakuja na mimi) and take up this job ninukishe kitunguu or should I complete my degree programme to have something to fall back onto if things go tits up?

Umejijibu mwenyewe

what is the main reason are you studying… Answer yourself that and you have the answer.

Also let me add guys. If I finish my degree program they will propably place me in their main office in DareSalam but the current job will have me going to a very remote location in Tanzania where they are experimenting to expand to. In short hardship will considerably vary.I kind of have my own decision am leaning towards to just wanted to hear the opinion of talkers. Am sure most of you have gone through this.

maliza masomo kwanza don’t be blinded by money

Ushajijibu pia…

There you go.

Do your employers know that you are a fucking imbecile?

Connect someone and draw some commission from s/he for a period agreeable to the both of you. Progress your education till the end but be in touch with the organization with the possibility of them absorbing you once you graduate.

I can hook you up with someone in accounting/finance, that is if this is what this opportunity entails.

Also clarify if the six figures salary is in USD or KES, if in TZS Wacha ikae

Disregard females aquire currency.

Not really it’s not like I go upto people shouting “WHERE THE FERK ARE THE TANZANIAN MBITCHES” :smiley:

Unfortunately it’s not something I could connect someone with. They mostly want me due to a personal trust factor.it’s in KES

Which speciality?

Fanya kazi ! No brainer ! hiyo degree utaka nayo keja miaka 5

Kazi za TZ ukipata has good pay packages, housing etc…na hao wasichana wa Dar wako sawa, itabidi uwache manzi yako
But maliza shule kwanza

If that’s the case then defer your degree and go make money, if you are in a finance related field you can enrol for an international qualification while in TZ, say ACCA, or even CPA if you haven’t started, this will boost your employability.

With the money, you can easily afford evening classes in future, you have said that these people trust you, this gives you a head start because to make it in the corporate world, so many factors come into play, it’s not just papers

I would defer my course for the maximum period of time allowable, accept the offer and work to gain as many years of hands-on experience as the job would allow (plus the money of course), then much later take some time off the job to complete my studies, that is upon expiration of allowable course deferment period.

I would take the job first, my argument is very simple, why are u studying? isn’t the reason to get money, through a job of course, but if you have a well paying job go for it, you can complete your program through distant learning, don’t waste this opportunity since it comes once. Am sure the studies will wait for you bu the job won’t

Take the fucking job. Why are you in school? To get money through a job right? But the money has come so defer you program. I think there is an allowable time for deferment I guess 2 years. In two years you would have been rich. After two years take a 1 year study leave. Go study. Graduate then continue with the job.

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