I got 5 votes after spending everything I had

These are the problems of living in a country where majority of people are extremely poor, if you have a little bit of money to give, they worship you. Mwingine alikukuja mwenye ako na zaidi watu wanakimbia huko. Africans ni Mungu tuu anaweza kutusaidia.


Democracy in Kenya depends on how much you can dish out. If you cant help before elections, no one is willing to give you their votes to help them after.

Ndio nimeona morning briefings ati hustlers win ime encourage watu ku ‘pursue’ the dreams…ata sasa dynasties are done the electoral field is open…nikajiuliza do these guys know how much ‘hustla’ spent on his ‘hustle’?

Anyway…taking a casual stroll mtaani watu wako mashambani na majembe wanalima na smiles on their faces occasional pauses waki hi five passers by on rutos win…kuna shouts and chants of ruto hustler kazi ni kazi…guys are glowing beaming radiant…hata kids grazing livestock.

That’s because as I said majority of Kenyans are extremely poor. If they were doing better they may vote based on principle like in the West but a poor man can only think of that day. That is how predatory politicians have gotten to where they are even willing to take loans after calculations of how much they will recoup once they are in office.

Na bado. We are getting to the point of where Nigeria is, where there are extremely wealthy few with private jets and hundreds of millions of desperately poor people. I don’t understand what kind of help you are giving someone when you give them 50 Bob or 100 Bob are you going to be giving the entire population money every day? You will just pretend to be doing it then once you are in you block them and steal all the money that could have actually helped them long term to be self reliant.

A country with too many people living below the poverty is a very unstable country. Our population is increasing exponentially and in a few generations we will be where Nigeria is. Very many desperately poor people and cabals of the super rich who plunder every resource the country has. Africa is just a doomed continent. When will we ever get to be like US if majority of the population are beggars? Bcz that is the crux of the matter. Majority of Kenyans are beggars and extremely poor. You may be sheltered from that reality as a middle class person but when you go to politics where you are exposed to the masses. This alot you have done for the people if it does not make them self reliant and they still have to rely on hand outs isn’t any good. Dishing out 50 bobs to people and going to harambee to pay hospital bills bcz people are too poor to pay for education or for treatment is not solving the problem. The only solution is poverty eradication. A hungry man will sell his own birthright like Esau did. Give me 50 Bob I give you acess through my vote to millions of taxes which could have changed the lives of my future generations.

Muafrica ni yule yule tuu. The same one who sold his future generations to mzungu and Arabs through slave trade for some small money or whatever they were using then.

The same chief who has mortgaged the future of his country to China for a house and some little money. Just like Lobengula sold Rhode Island an entire country of Zimbabwe was sold for a bottle of gin.

But mchinku na mzunguu they’re delaying gratification to become world powers as the black man remains their slave. Atokee tuu politics because you can’t solve a problem that Africans have had for millenia. Muafrika ni mtumwa. He has the mentality of a slave and if you want anything out of him, you must come to him through the same tricks mzungus and Arabs and now Chinese are coming to him with. Africans are like children they don’t see beyond their noses. If you are visionary and want better for them it’s just you who will end up disappointed because they are all about instant gratification and nothing phenomenal comes with out many years and decades of sacrifice. Look at mzungu sacrificing themselves to come farm in Kenya for I don’t know how many years to send back the money they made to build their own countries and working in trust with the government until they built civilizations that Africans are now dying to go to. Literally dying at sea in the millions like how they died during slave trade. An African never makes progress. Same script but now jungus are not coming to look for our chiefs to sell us to them. It’s the chief who is going to look for them. Kwanzaa hii story me huskia ati Chinese built Rutos house worth billions ‘free’ ni kweli. Nobody understands the psychology of a black man like Chinese. Anyway hope jamaa ata achana na politics. He seems too sincere and idealistic for such a treacherous career.

I’m sure his first order of business ni kurudisha hio pesa amekuwa akigawa kama maji. Then he can start on the journey of becoming a super dynasty more than the dynasties he took out.

By the way sijui jana au juzi ndio nimeona ka report kwa bizniz deily that 105 more BETTING COMPANIES have acquired licenses to set up shop in kenya…nikajua tumrpatikana…melt down imeanza.

We are soooo fucked.

Jakuon was given billions by the dynasties and Mount Kenya mafia…he chose to keep it rather than spend it on his campaigns. It is just whariris…
Nature of our politics.

Hio ya hao ya ruto sijaskia…but the new zimbabwean parliament could be for free…it cost 200mill usd though and pia kampala kuna presidential office block ‘for free’ though story is the current tik teta alikata coz its a security risk and he dont work in donated offices…sijui ni cabinet na mps wanatumia the place.

Raila never dishes out money. He only receives. Ukiona he has given you money, you are very special to him.

I think ni ile ya LD iko na man made ni mwenyeji wa huko alikua ananishow.