i give up...

If I frame you for a crime you did not commit should you be shot between your eyes just because I said it? No you deserve a fair trial so don’t compare us to Philippines.

What if someone digitally sculpted him, created 3d environments and impersonated his voice to create such a clip? Just like @Dereva said up there blame the police for poor investigations

WTF are you saying!!! I hope that is not the argument he used to post bail.:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

It is what it is



Wachaneni na Clemo, what he said is very true, if kamwana steals kura we will unleash terror

Clemo ni mtu wa maana sana. Yeye usaidia watu…ana roho swafi

Reminds me of this politicians who put up sheds for watu wa nduthi. A make-shift thing ata kuku haiwezi lala hapo na inaweza pita na upepo at any time. Then anandika ati donated by sijui nani na pesa ya kuiba…

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Waiguru mwizi is attending all harambees in kirinyaga county dishing out NYS money na hatusumbui

…That is how they clean ‘dirty’ money to hoodwink the masses as they keep the rest of the loot.


tuta deal na hao bila huruma,on a serious note,unajua 2013 nilisaidia mtoto mjaluo huko kikuyu akiwa ametupa fare ya kwenda kawangware akitoka shule juu wazazi wake walikuwa wamehamia huko wakiogopa vita,let us maintain peace for the sake of the children


Hatuna shida na watoto, sisi pia usaidia chokora wengi wa ki-mungiki pale CBD na hatusumbui. Shida ni grown up mungikis.

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Compare Kenya and Singapore, Japan,USA not Philippine

Sasa to all these jubilee supporters why are you bitching about other people not raising hell on twitter? Why aren’t you the ones raising hell? The reason why there are different sides to an argument is because everybody has their own interests. When everybody stands up for their interests a compromise will be reached but kama mnangoja mtu awapigie kelele and they are not the affected ones… how the hell are you people older than me? You people are more interested in getting into a verbal contest to expose CORD supporters rather than seeing justice being done. This case is just a convenient excuse. Ati kama ingekua kuria… what kind of stupid, low level reasoning is this? Carry the case forward on its own merit. If we were to talk about Kuria I would ask you @Meria Mata why didn’t you give up when he was freed? Why give up now? Wrong is wrong and there is no need for anyone to bring up other issues. It is you Jubilee and CORD supporters who prevent justice from being done by giving every case a political angle. Nyinyi shindeni hapo!

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si nilikuambia tukutane langata ukaingiza njeve?

Nawewe uliambiwa you go to gumbaru school and learn the difference btwn UGX and USD ukaingiza njeve

And the accused have the same clothes plus they forgot to dust for fingerprints at thee crime scene.

Hii yote, why the double standards. DP Uncle Ruto was proved quilt in a second and they didn’t care if he was a shareholder of weston or not, the hotel had even attempted to buy the school playground or not, the purported claim owners of the playground the late Singh was allocated the land by President Moi or not and if they even knew each other. Kenyan’s judge by their feelings, likes and dislikes not facts or evidence. That’s why any Kalenjin involved in anything is DP Uncle Ruto friend or family instantly or any land deal going down.

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wacha kunilemea,alikuwa ameandika 100k usd in ugandan currency,kwa nini hangeziandika zikiwa za ugandan?kama saa hii nikiwa na ngiri kumi za kenya nitasema niko na ngiri kumi sio niko na 100 usd

Kaparo is importing gadgets to detect hate speech. I think they have not yet arrived. Interesting times ahead.

ati Duale aliambia gov Rutto aje?

But tuongee ukweli Ruto is as corrupt as they come. And his key people are busy using his name to intimidate wherever their eating channels are discovered!