i give up...

Ruaraka MP aspirant Clement Ayungo who is accused of hate speech freed on Sh100,000 cash bail.

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Why do you give up?

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Its the law bwana meza mate, yeye anangojea kula nyama 2017 :smiley:


the dim eyed orangutang was on cam issuing the threats, what other evidence does the judge want, alafu hio bond, arghhhh


It’s a jungle ,bare with us:confused::confused:


Ingekuwa Moses Kuria leo watu wangekuwa wanapumua hapa, lakini since its an opposition leader hakuna stress even if he blatantly said he will lead a attack to all government supporters and their properties if babuon loses again.


Nitakutwanga ngumi mbele ya cams zote duniani, pay up Ombeta na sitakanyaga cell yoyote

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in 254 anything is possible

Na judiciary ikiambiwa ati it has failed in the war against corruption etc mnasema ati Uhuru has failed.
I also wouldnt be surprised if it was justice odunga who made that rulling.


Tunapigia mbuzi guitar, if that video was by a jubilee leader, twitter and facebook would be on fire. hastags would be flying left, right and centre.


And he’ll pay someone to work on Ombeta…

twitter na facebook ama Kaparo would be foaming on the mouth. These dim-eyed will be the death of us.


Judiciary’s job is not to collect evidence or carry out investigations. If the evidence presented to the judiciary does not meet “threshold” then the judiciary cannot provide a sentence.

Witness dissappear /get intimidated
Crime scenes get tampered with
Police do not collect enough or great evidence
Files dissappear
Etc etc
What do you want the judiciary to do based on these?

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Very reckless statements.

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Witnesses. The guy who took the vid must testify that he was the one who actually captured the scene, someone has to interpret the uttered words and give them a meaning, the prosecution has to prove beyond reasonable doubt that it is the same guy…and even prove that a crime was actually committed etc, etc

the footage also has to be raw, no editing at all (but I am not sure)

cc @dingoo_wa_ingoo

Wangapi wamewahi piga Ombeta ama ni kupayuka unapayuka?

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Umeffi tu


There is a video of it. What does the judiciary want a translator, an eye witness, forensic audit, sketch, xray???
If it was in the Philippines this guy would have already been shot between the eyes.