I felt threatened as a kikuyu

Anyway. Saturday I went to buy chips a stone throw away from my diggz.

I have never felt I belong to the kikuyu tribe until Sato.

Nika ulizaa mathe aweke chipo ya soo. I complained ni kidogo. Its like she was waiting for that moment since she was born.
She complained acres and acres of how government has fucked up an that the reason is kyuks who are the main reason because they are everywhere in the government.

She obviously didn’t know I’m a kyuk because of my coastorian accent.

For the longest I have always said Kenya ukabila iko kwa wana siasa. Just mingle with the average Joe’s or the so called ‘wanjiku’ ndio kumbe it’s just simmering

. What the fuck

Broke peasants will always find people to hate.

The hustler narrative ndio inapatia watu the confidence to display their true colors.
Kikuyus → Dynasty coz of Uhuru/Jubilee. Rest of people -->Hustlers like Arror.

The suprising thing is that some of the Kikuyus have really bought into this hustler narrative. Very sad

Watu wasiongee ukweli? Tribe ingine gani ilitoa wazazi kwa ICU waende wakapigie Uhuru kura?

Kikuyu bashing haikuanza Jana.
You gotta grow a zick skin.

Let me guess: she was a jaruo

At long last it comes out naturally, mmeanza mapema atleast mngeficha card yenu ya kuangamiza kabla fulani. The thief needs no enemies if these are his campaigners


Ungelist leaders who fucked up this country, including those you’d imagine are from her tribe. Angenyamaza

Kikuyus have messed up this country. You control the all the major institutions, including parliament, KRA, executive, military etc and of course with the support of low IQ peasants so why should you complain about the bashing?

Wewe saa zingine ni kama hutumia vidole za mguu kufikiria… do you have evidence. Wewe ni mkamba mjinga sana.

Someone said what is happening to Tigray in Ethiopia will soon happen to Kikuyus post 2022.
I mean I know an average Kikuyu person is not rich or has stolen any money but very few elite people have done that.
But when the tides change with leadership, Kikuyus mtawekwa pamoja Kama Tigrays.
Right now Tigrays have been removed from jobs and are being openly discriminated . Wanalipia sins ya the few elites who looted the country to death

Not happening soon

I always count on you to lead the onslaught by the Kikuyu Defence Farts - KDF :D:D

Am just a keyboard warrior who loves vayolence against entitled wankas

Kikuyus are also very tribal, especially the younger generation.

Chungeni with such posts from the OP. As we head to elections, it’s time for such propaganda to spread for Kikuyus to be reminded who they are . This will automatically thuraku mode:D:D:D:D:D

This will also happen to other communities. Guess who benefits from all these?.

Same politicians who have been dryfrying us day and night

Count me in,my title says it all

Hii si mkamba. Nî rumbwa

Sani sio mkale na si supporter wa uncle ruto,take it from deep state