I feel better

Today Pink lit through me. I could say she set my soul on fire.
A friend of mine ( lady ) suggested that I should listen to this and it surely came in handy.

I have her to thank for.
Thank you beautiful soul for sparing my Life.
So kim just needed a hit, and a couple of bible quotes and Inspirational quotes from friends.

Umeamua hutajinyonga kwa sababu umekuta vitu

niaje vajo from wakanda… Do you know the earth is Flat?
now you know…

The Sun is flat too. Kamua vitu wakanda kapsa hadi fikira ya kujinyuria ikutoke…

wewe ni muuujiinga kuniliko na mbali sana … Kwenda kuna kipara pole pole. ssssssssnnz

Sawa kijana, bora usijam ujitie kitanzi. Tazama pink tena…

Pink, entertaining for the last two decades.

none of her hits drag down. she is a masterpiece

Are you a metrosexual from wakanda. In hiding .

Glad the blues are fading. Keep smiling.