*I Feel and Understand it Now*

[I]I know you drunk in power brother that’s not juice
I see you chasing Mil’s my brother that’s not food
When the banana peels, I tell you that’s not fruit
Another brother shot down, but that’s not news

Don’t you fall from grace
Brother don’t throw it all away
A wise man used to say
Money ain’t life so take it easy

Tell me that’s not true x4[/I]
– Damian Marley - That’s Not True

Matiang’i and CBK’s Njoroge
This is the perfect combo to ever happen in Kenya’s government history for a long time. Why?
New currency is being rolled out and there’s no better time to do this. Gambling addicts are also being included in the tax bracket and getting fucked mercilessly. This paragraph alone should answer the why.

We all know some (if not all) betting companies were being used to clean dirty money. This would have been one of the ways to get money hidden in mansions exchanged for the new currency notes. The hidden money is still legal tender but now Uhunye has decided to tax the shit out of it should betting firms be engaged.

Placing a false bet of KES 100k, for example, is taxed at 10% before the fiend even wins/loses. Upon winning the dirty money, another 20% is expected by the government.

How Njoro and Mangitash thought this through is laudable. So money launderers kaeni redi kukuwa shafted. All in all just clean but pay the tax ndio Njoro apate liquidity ya kuoffset domestic debt.

Kuna @Fala 12 nimeona anauliza NV atajuaje kutag @Villager1 . Hiyo udaku peleka mbali kinyesi wewe.

You do know to clean dirty money you MUST incur expenses?20% is just around the standard rate to launder money.Naive folks thinking something is actually being achieved by taxing gambling money.