I don't respect people who smoke

If you are battling any addiction, be it alcohol, cigarette, betting, pornography etc, you are an iredeemable imbecile.

Today I will DECONSTRUCT the cigarette addicts.

They are usually indoctrinated in two ways, either;

(1) They follow in the parent(s) footsteps.


(2) They succumb to peer pressure.

Perhaps you grew up watching your parent smoking like a vintage locomotive and became inclined to emulate them.

Or your illiterate friends in high school encouraged you to try a cigarette, after which you became hooked.

Either way you lack self control.

A man who lacks self control is very dangerous. He has no moral compass. Like a dandellion leaf, he is carried by gusts of wind, without protest.

I can’t associate with such men. They are a liability.

Don’t even ask about females who smoke. That has to be the biggest turn-off for @MIGUNA !

Imagine french-kissing a damsel whose breath stinks like nicotine.

Miss me with that!

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Pereka umama huko, we don’t care


Who cares about your respect? Who cares , live your live and retire mbwa wewe , we will smoke as we see fit


@Kanguthi pigwa prostate massage na @PERDITION utulie.


I have never understood why people would inhale such poison for a few minutes of pleasure.

Swali ni juu sasa umeona hiyo respek yako ni kitu ya maana sana, will you pay me for your respek ama? Kama si hivyo then just fuck off na hiyo respek yako ya ukumbavu.


You are clearly a homosexual, what makes a man pretend to be another is something weird .am sure miguna akikushow uchore 7 you will touch them toes and close your eyes like a slut .shenzi


Who the fuck are you? Why would someone worry about your respect or lack of it thereof? Entitled dumbfuck


malizeni hiyo ghasia :rofl: :rofl:

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Kula tear gas bila kusumbua…life is short… i don’t drink or buy whores but I’m a smoker…why should i give a fuck about your small dick energy (me hu buy ki packo by the way this is my last cancer stick kwa i pack)


Happy Big Brother GIF by MOODMAN

Mosi ya sigara ni haatari Sana gaaki mogaka

We do not respect someone who can’t come
Up with an original handle name . Eti @MIGUNA serious you had to copy paste?Kuogoba kufikiria is an epidemic.


Garbage In; Garbage Out!

Fiinish that wannabe fagget pretending to be another man . He is clear suffering from inferiority complex and erectile disfuntion

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