I don't and will never understand Mathematics

I will always be enternally grateful to God being poor in maths did not affect how I turned out in life. Hehehe I was looking at my Class 6 nephew’s mathematics books and couldn’t answer any question. I have always been poor at Maths, I don’t think I have ever scored above a C in primo and secondary. Hesabu za high school ni worse, if I went back in time I am sure I will still fail. I had a D in KCSE maths while the rest were A and Bs and it dragged down my mean score. As Sonko says, as long as one can count money you’ll be fine. Funniest thing is I love statistics.

Your name says a lot .

You are not alone (though i am not with you in the maths thing). A lot of people see mountains where there’s only a slight elevation.

[COLOR=rgb(44, 130, 201)]Maths is fun
numerical and vector analysis + operations research were yamieeeee !

Which mathematics exactly do u dislike…juu huezi penda statistics na hupendi the basics


Maths made easy by Abott and Castello

Hehe ! Is it that bad?

If you take mathematics to be a tool then it becomes a bit easier. For example any fundi knows how to use Pythagoras theorem of triangles, and the beauty of it is that you will have a square house.

4 out of 3 people struggle with maths.

Usijali,tuko wengi… Kikikikkkk…

Mimi math was a walkover.

Una kilo ngapi wechez?

This book ilitupea stress back in college, but it was worth it.

Woi I had a tough time in Algebra but somehow I’m having it easier in Calc.

I really despise math though I’m stellar at my other subjects.

:D:D:D:D:D true dat.
We send screenshots of mathematics homework to the dad or they do it over skype.

I was horrible in math nikiwa high school but when i joined Uni i realized my attitude had been the problem, if i had scored atleast a B in math and chem ningekua in the A zones, i use that experience to challenge myself to scale seemingly unsurmountable obstacles

i got all A’s mpaka chem but maths … i wonder how i ended up working in a financial institution . but seriously we need to kill 844 mtoi akifika form 2 let him decide kama anataka maths or not , dont force something on a kid na imekataaaaa

Mimi sijawahi acknowledge kuna Maths after Class 8.

I scored a B in Math but A in Physics and Accounting. Geometry and Algebra were the most tialala. I’m still poor in mental Arithmetic to date, especially zile za “uko na 29 nikupatie 980?”

Usijali Omwami, so long as you can count momos, you’re okay…

Math was like ABC to me. An all-round student. Attitude is key.