I didn't plan this

I haven’t thought anything out. I just picked my laptop and started typing. Let’s see where my blessed fingers take the KTalkers today …


Thoughting (sic)

Voila! Lunch. Let’s talk about lunch.

I’m currently here in Garissa and can’t wait to see what Hon. Aden Duale has prepared for me. Not personally but in his 3-star rated Nomad Palace Hotel. Think I’ll just have maini ya ngamia (ama mbuzi) as I strategize on how I can win my tribemate and hopefully good looking with normal-sized pussy gal Madam @GeorginaMakena.

Meanwhile we fuck even at lunch time. Fucking is like a meal - 3 times a day it should be done.

Kula mbuzi al forno. They make it well.

Just asking, how is somali p**sy, for those that have tried it, ama fgm totals that thing?

Can’t stand the camel cologne, pia niliskia kuoga ni problem :(:frowning: