I Didn't Know One Day Nitakula za Saddam Hussein, But Praise the Lord!

Cheza chini bro uone Jubilee tukifisha 2032…

I’ve just re-read the mail and I am confused. Why are they asking for my details if they already have them? Si watume hiyo pesa tu, aaaaaaaaai!

Even Homer Simpson is aware of Nigerian Scammers

For the umpteenth time, please remind them that Kenya is in Africa… Ama uko Siberia na hatujui?

Ate what? Kweli hii kijiji imejaa wazee

2000 I had not yet enjaculated sperm :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I remember Guka ulieka barua ingine kama hii Klost. These guys are still sending that letter?
But all is well given that Saddam was ya hero. Chukua mbeca muthee…