I confronted Guardian Angel about cheating on me- Esther Musila.. Kijana ameanza kucheza 'Shosh'. Damu moto


We all hope ni with the daughters.


Darwin’s theory at it’s best- “Organisms best suited to their environment will survive and reproduce” Hapa boy child ameona asipo cheza kiyeye gene pool will be extinct


I hope he has safety net on his way out

Wouldn’t be surprised if this was clout chasing, probably about to drop a song.

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Older women are quite possessive and can easily harm you if you intend to leave them


Ofcos an older woman cannot satisfy gigolo barobaro and she knows that. Kijana anafaa kucheza chini. Let suspicion abound but never get caught. Kama hakuna mbisha, it never happened.

These kinds of relationships never last. The guy eventually sees the light.

She can’t produce natural lubricant beyond 15 minutes. Hapa lazima uwe na several breaks to re apply arimis. Anahitaji mzee wa > 79 years who can arrive canaan within 15 mins not a barubaru luhya bull eating indigenous food.

Jalali hakukosea kumtunuku mwanamke miaka 45 tu ya kuwa na uwezo wa kushiriki ngono na kubeba uja uzito. Beyond 46 years ni “mifupa mikavu”.