I can't understand what was happening

Nimekaa hapa then I have remembered something that doesn’t make sense, hivi ndio ilikua

Kuna time we used to live sides za nyamira ushago, then we bought a booster hizi za aerial inakaa wiremesh ya kitanda ya high-school then iko na ka booster  so this ka booster ilikua inasaidia kushika this local stations coz that time ilikua tricks but then there was another mystery, kulikua na sky news na setanta sports, what is the explanation? Na si ati kulikua na mtu hapo karibu ako na dish


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Some years back, I used to have this 24’’ Chinese TV going by the name Aucma.At times when tuned to NTV, I would suddenly start hearing police communication. I tried asking my neighbors but no one else was having the same problem.
I soon started ignoring the police communication and change channels whenever they started. After all, there’s is no time I caught anything interesting, it was mostly about traffic and instructions to juniors.

Aerial yako?

Used to watch Sky News in the early to mid 2000s in Nyeri using a normal UHF aerial.

In my high school days, I once came across police communications too with a home made FM/SW aerial. I solved it by shifting the aerial location.

At the time, we used fluorescent tubes to improve reception, amongst other contraptions. Worked like ‘magic’.

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reflection of satellite beams.

I want to get FTA with Strong decoder. I want movies, cartoon, good documentaries. I intend to get a 130cm offset dish with twin LNB (Samson or the other quad one)… that is the far that I have gone with the education I have got here. I live in a rented house so BUD is not so possible at the moment plus budget constraints… I am getting the 4950H asap but the rest am not so sure how to go about it. am getting lacks stations elsewhere so I just need the rest. @Luther and the other gurus, kindly assist

local* stations

so iyo mambo ya sky news whatwas the cause?kwanza it was clear AF

Sikuwahi jua. I just enjoyed the broadcasts.

Presently, most of the good stuff is on C-band for which a pf dish is highly recommended e.g IS-20, IS 10-02, IS-906, A-7, etc.

thanks for that @Luther. I will go check the prices of those and see what’s possible for now.

if I may ask, when the good stuff ceases on C band, do we. now new stuff or just realign the dish?

i once caught police communication in the car radio on am frequency. i was shocked.
some operation in rongai. but that was around 1999.

Simply realign and/or change the LNB. The pf dish can be used for both C- & Ku-band as is. An offset dish would require a conical scalar ring (bought separately and locally only available at chinabuy.co.ke) to adapt it for C-band reception.




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kulikua na station ilikua inaitwa STV,hio ndio ilikua inaleta sky news na setanta,I remember watching the 9/11 story on sky live

Owned by one Hillary Ng’weno. Think twas bought out by K24. Used to like it coz of the music channel, MCM.

I worked there for a while,management had zero initiative…lakini bollywood movies na sunset beach were awesome