I Can't Believe This is Happening!!!

Several kids arrived for their Form 1 admissions & were told that the letters they had were fake. You should see the tears & the anguish in the kids and their parents, especially mothers. And most of them are from poor families, a clear indication that their position were “sold.”

Corruption everywhere.

How low have we sank? Maajabu

Unbelievable, hio hasara walai

Yep niliona huyo cucu nikamhurumia sana but Yah has a plan for her.

Very sad. I wonder out of the about a million people who join form 1 wangapi wenye slot zao huuzwa.

Principal wote wako na big cars and Fancy lifestyles yet most don’t have loans ,I wonder how they finance such a lifestyle.

If you wait for god to do something, Utangoja hadi ukufe and nothing would happen. Speaking from experience. Hii life you are in charge 100%. Nobody is coming to save you lmfao

Fake how yet the letters are downloaded online.? The mama who caused drama at Mugoiri girls was to blame. They had applied for a transfer in the NEMIS system so the school reallocated the slot. They then changed minds and showed up at initial school wailing Magoha saidia.

if only more shules were built hakuna upus kaa hii inge happen

There’ are several other cases where parents were told that they were admitted by hackers

…the fool says in his heart…

:D:D munataka principals wakule wapi? nmeona thread where villagers are sanitizing corruption like nansenz, even giving tips on the best way not to get caught and still retain your loot. Is the corruption line only drawn where actual emotive consequences can be seen? “Kila ngo’mbe akule kule amefungiwa na kwenye kamba itafika” seems to be the slogan nowadays everywhere in this goddamn bonobo land.

Link to your rumours???

Shika hio


Makes sense. I’ve seen a screenshot of her details in the NEMIS database.
Seems she applied for a transfer to mùgoiri but it didn’t go through.

ama ni fraudsters kina @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii wameuzwa wazazi fake admission letters