I cannot say this enough times -PIN YAKO NI SIRI YAKO

Ushai enda kuto doo mpesa kimsee kinatoanish pesa kwa mpesa kikiwa kimeanika PIN? Why are guys always so careless when handling their pin. Mimi Huficha pin na mkono na nadim screen to zero brightness. Alafu naamgalia left na right nikama navuka barabara. Ata kama ni soo natoa

Kosewe. Ranalo is when the wezi work
Yesterday me and a colleague of mine left work at around 5PM, since we had not taken lunch we decided to have a chat over late lunch, we both agreed that we needed some authentic food and since we were in town, kosewe was the place we decided to be despite their deteriorating quality of food, we were willing to compromise the quality. So we went to kosewe.
We both ordered food and while we were seated there, at the round tables in between the main restaurant and the bar (for those who are familiar with the place) I called a waiter and decided to order a glass of juice and a bottle of soda for my colleague to water it down. When our time was up, since my colleague was on night duty (ni daktari) I decided to pay for food and leave, which I used my mpesa in my new Samsung phone to pay. I had two phones.
We decided to finish our drinks and 10 minutes later decided to leave. At that point, my phone was missing. None of us had left the table after paying the bill, on the other hand 3 kosewe staff came to our table, the waiter we paid the bill to who also removed our plates, the one who cleaned the table and the one who cleaned the floor.
In retrospect, while paying the bill, the waiter was standing behind me when I withdrew money from my bank to mpesa then later paid. Both from which the kosewe thieves stole money.
I reported to the supervisor Patrick who went to call the manager who refused to leave the kitchen as if he knew what was going on. After about six attempts, my colleague was getting restless, being on call in maternity, daktari didn’t want to be late so I went and complained to the boss, the guy in the picture, vile aliniongelesha, nikafikiria that judging na size ya mwili yake, there could have been no room for brain in his body.
After quarrels and drama, he lied that he is going to check the CCTV, he came and lied that the dude with password wasn’t around and so I waited further, later on , after about 2 hours he told me that the CCTV wasn’t working. Of course after locking himself in CCTV room for 30 minutes.
Few possibilities, the dude had known that his own staff had stolen the money and did not want to expose him after viewing the CCTV, so the place is staffed with a bunch of criminals. Or the CCTV are there for cosmetics and nothing at all to show, putting everyone else at risk since you can be poisoned, robbed, stolen from etc without anyone knowing or without evidence.
Kosewe is both health and security risk as any waiter can do anything to your food without being caught on camera. Everyone around looked suspicious just as the dude in the picture as he was hiding his face was.
Kosewe has too many thieves and they are protecting them.
Buyer be aware, I learnt that hard way, my bank account is screaming as well as my mshwari but I will get them.

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Huyo msee yuko kwa hio picha ni former school mate

Kwahivyo ??

my colleague is a daktari
I have a new Samsung
I have two phones
hii ni jaluo…only thing he forgot to mention are his car keys

Here is one of the keys. The other one is with his third driver.


But on a serious note: I would think that if one was blessed to own a place like Kosewe, one would be on the up and up regarding security and maintaining the good name of the place. It is difficult to establish a business of that repute. Why lose it to petty theft?

Jaluo huwa wanaiba bila kutumia akili. Msapere lazima afanye hesabu kali kabla ya kuiba.

Hii ni uongo. Maybe kuharibia kosewe jina.
The first thing you do after realizing your phone is missing is to borrow a phone and call Safcon to block the sim card.