I can cheat too

I guess most of you have seen the trending meme on Twitter… Tim I can Cheat too,

How far would you go to prove a point to a cheating lover/spouse?


:frowning: sorry. its a hoax. Also, its from last year.

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Hii si ni forum ya Technology

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Stupid biatch! Mtombwa haringi ila mtombaji [ATTACH=full]10674[/ATTACH]


He is cheating on the sex forum…hehehe

Nice load

Siko twirra

don’t know why I fear women with black cutex or whatever she has painted her nails with

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jamaneni:D:D. I bet you fear black cats too

You are actually right; I do fear black cats, but I recently became fond of a white and grey cat in the neighborhood :D, before that I used to fear all cats

Hehe Thank Jehovah Wanyonyi that we don’t have another virgin in this site.

hahaha I see what you did there


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:D:D:D A good game of words! And @Ice_Cube fell in hook line and sinker!

she blind sided me, I never even saw it coming man hehe

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Hehehe…haukumuonea inje ya 18! A good one though!

Wakanyama be like:[ATTACH=full]10713[/ATTACH] i can cheat too!

Gross. Si apanguze makamasi na handkerchief.