I brought you the picture, now watch the video. Bongo Helicopter.


Wadhii bongo chopper ndio hiyo, sijui kama itaruka July kweli ama story tu, lakini naona inachomelewa kama vile vitanda huchomelewa. Na imeundwa na steel. Isorait.

Iko Poa…naona ikibururuka hivi karibuni


Flight safety rate or is it a flying coffin?

Bingwa toklezea utetee helicopter yenu.

I don’t understand huyu mtu… started planning in 2015 …flight test is scheduled for 2018 na wao ni frame tu…engine na avionics will be supplied by ‘wenzetu’ (probably Chinese). Now if a serious gava gave an order for like 30 zitakuwa ready lini…?

Kila la kheri

I think hii ni kite…wako karibu ku import uzi China.

Hahahaa! Mmepatikana! Can’t you see the mimicry?!

This shit is a flying coffin. One way ticket. my old professor in japan used to say if you enter a plane and the seats are torn , run. Can you imagine what is not torn under the engine. Look at that video. No gloves, no measuring torque gauges, no protective equipment, no schematics - just people eyeballing angles to weld. everything reakes jua Kali . It’s like the old machanica fixing my dads Peugeot 505. It was broken down every 2 weeks. It’s almost like they are assembling a toy helicopter.
But then again, maybe it’s a drone.

Reinventing the wheel. I wish angevumbua something else that can change the lives of many people.

Na vile waliringa. It looks no better than tha numerous heavier-than-lead contaptions that regularly hit the media in Kenya from far-flung villages. It is always hilarious to watch the maiden FAIL.

@introvert’s satirical rendition had better avionics and a working posho mill engine.