I believe this is true even to this platform


Hapa Kenyatalk it doesn’t apply. Nasty comments are the order of the day. And it’s taken with a light touch. If you take sweeps directed at you seriously, then you are in the wrong platform.

What happened to Kim dotcom’s megaupload?

Mimi kwanza kama nasty comments hazingekua singelast hapa sana. Ni dawa bana

FBI happened.

You missed the point. Haters usually have no following. Hiyo ya insults is another discussion which I don’t have time for. I usually just ignore the person and forget. Life is very short, if someone isn’t adding value to my time, then I ignore and move to someone who is.

He now runs a company called mega that offers cloud storage. The company says they give 50gb free lakini ukweli ni they only offer 100mb

I cannot follow Wanyonyi, anaeza ninyonya nywele za makwapa

The point being made is you’ll get a hater having less followers than a person with a better attitude, but the haters would also like attention and more followers. If you ask me, negativity uses more energy and ni kama kazi ya kuosha kuku miguu, aimless.

Hehehehe, zile likes introvert anazo na zile sweeps amepigana ni directly proportional

@introvert alinipitia na TATA mara mingi mpaka nikakuwa traumatized. :D:D:D:D

really I have like 10GB stash in my mega account

kwani unaishi shimo gani? Nigga was raided at his home like he was Bin Laden. Last month Police compensated him for that raid lakini he is still fighting extradition to USA

Yangu ilifika 100mb ikaanza kusumbua, googled nikapata the same sentiment na wasee, nikaamua kufungua 4 gmail a/cs

Box hupeana 15 gb free and their serves are really fast na pia wako na lots of plugins to integrate with various services

I have 2 gb in mine (several of them videos and pics of women who were kind enough to share their intimacy with me. Ule mse atahack hiyo kitu me naenda UNDERGROUND MBAYA SANA!

100mb must have been a glitch of sorts.

the most followed talker ameland .

Tafuta documentary inaitwa Kim Dotcom: Caught In The Web. You’ll get the whole story, including how the FBI pressured New Zealand police to wanjigi him. If not for his millions and kiherehere (he even formed a political party, the Internet Party) he’d be serving a lengthy term in a US prison.

kama gani, explain like to a 5 year old

soma hapa https://www.box.com/en-gb/partners