I ask again, is this LG XBoom worth it

This is what I can afford at the moment. Want to buy it in a few days’s time. It is worth it? or what other options can I get for Ksh 64, 000. LG XBOOM 11000 watts looks good to me. Who has used it here.


Check out the new Hisense, cheaper too.

hisense model gani mkuu.

I didn’t get model number but it’s a 2023 model, I believe ilikua around 40 something K

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If you’re planning to but LG kimbia T-Mall. Opalnet has a opened a new showroom and items are up to 70% off

Thanks naona wanaiuza 42K, that’s a very good deal

Ningekua wewe bro ningeendea tu CL98. Difference ya 20k pekee yake. Electronics kitu unaweza kaa nayo for a very long time huwa nasacrifice tu.

Hii muziki yote Kwa bedsitter ni ya kazi Gani?

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