I ask again, how skilled was the man who murdered Rita Waeni. Detectives have released the Nigerian man. Back to the drawing board

via Nairobi news…
A foreign national who was arrested at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) in connection to the brutal murder and dismemberment of a 20-year-old woman has been released.

Authorities privy to the investigation say that the foreigner who was traveling on a Mozambican passport and interrogated at the airport before being sent to the Kasarani Police Station for identification did not meet the description.

His release came after witnesses failed to identify him as the man seen on CCTV where a Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology student Rita Waeni was killed.

According to the detectives, the suspect arrested at the airport did not speak Swahili and had been staying in South C.

“Witnesses including the owner of the Airbnb said that the suspect spoke Swahili when he called her. The family of the victim shared the same information, saying the suspect spoke Swahili during their interactions while also demanding the Sh500,000 ransom,” police revealed.

They also said he appeared young, light, and well-versed in the area.

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Wako wapi wale walikuwa wanasema ati DCI siku hizi ni mambo bad,ati haita maliza two days suspect atakuwa ameshikwa.Some even claimed FBI and Mossad will help apprehend the guy


Nigerians are owed an apology

Good luck to them in waiting the apology

@mzeemashavu tafuta kazi ata kama ni ya mjengo. Ndio uwezee kununulia mako sabuni ya kuosha kuma.