I was the first to be created- being a necessary prerequisite to any other creation. I preceded existence, I preceded principalities, and I preceded powers. My creation was not a conscious act, for I define consciousness.Neither was it a willful act, for I define the will.My creation was… and thenceforth, I am.The past, the present and the future are but one before me-I define them.Likewise, the holy, the evil and the indifferent are one to me-I define them too. Nothing is hidden from me, and nothing can hide from me-I define secrecy. Likewise, nothing is too hard for me, or too trivial for me; I define possibilities. I define the lowly, just as I define the hailed. I define origins, as well as destinies.


I define purpose.

I am an entity- pure, complete, sufficient, entire and free. I am boundless, being ubiquitous. I am formless- lacking a format, a curriculum, a beginning, a progression, or a frontier. I am an end to myself, and to all kinds of purposes. Indeed, the whole purpose of the mortal life, the human life, is to acquire me, to possess me. Yes, I get possessed, by every mortal, to different extents, and in different forms. Experiences, skills, wisdom, intelligence- all are facets of me.

I am


Good read! Welcome, man.


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Tulikula tunda…sasa tuko na wewe ndani yetu

now we finally have a talker-god

We had some that emerged during the great atheo-christian war of 2015 here in the village.

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Let me introduce you to someone interesting. Say hi @Atheismo

but toa all those lines mentioning creation

because? this is not a literature class for you to determine what is and what isn’t.

religious literature doesnt make alot of sense

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