I am thinking of mum

Hits me that no woman loves me more than mum
We have our differences, mainly coz I can’t be told anything… and I picked this trait from dad
But truly, no one comes and will come close…

Fuck, if I get 2 kids wa kuekelewa siezi oa

Fucken problem is, stupid chics abort my kids. I suspect so.

Ju they come with the flimsiest of excuses

Finish it … ‘these hoes ain’t loyal’… Kikiki…

Ktalk imegrow, if I share details, unaeza b low my cover

Who would agree to bring forth a kid fathered by a retard? Risk too high.

In real life I am not a retard. I am polished, soft on the edges

When you get a daughter perhaps that may change.

These HOs ain’t loyal, bro.

You just have to find a good one. And she’ll become a special mother to your kids, they’ll feel as you feel now.

Shorts fired

Mujamaa akamiss

You guys nmeongea poa… nimefeel chozi from moyoni to machoni.

Ila, the bingwa in me can’t help but ask,

Ntawapatako wapi niwashukuru?


But Seriously, thanks guys

Aviator sijui ntamfanyia nini

@introvert, lorry imefunga job?

Shika hii odourless DDT, lorry iko quarry.
@kush yule mnono hapa makosa imefanyika…