I am still a Virgin

Public Announcement … :D:D


Little drama boy = @Weyn diversifying his income modules

Haaaiya watu hawa taki zero mirage .:D:D:D

RESPECT…to this lady as a parent in this generation that is fucked in every dingy location and by so called mubabaz that are older than their parents…this is nice if its not clout chasing

Its a trap.

U of all people @Heke should know better.This is pure clout chasing na hata her friend @ Kemunto the actor has called her out on her bullshit na wamekosana.
These are the same antics ur sworn adversary @TrumanCapote uses to get attention from wanakijiji.
Stay woke brethren


Sim 2 ndo inachezea:D

Is a trap…

@rexxsimba uyu si ile troll?



msito kifeeee alisapea huyu feminist sweep moto moto.

she UGLY AF.

Sir …
I can assure you that there are still a good number of Virgins around …




This 26 year old Muranga Virgin is still available … :D:D:D

the title of that findio is fire bin muoto:D:D:D

Judging by her activities here and books she publishes in the name of rebuttals, she’s one lonely and angry woman. Probably a female INCEL.

Afungue chama cha ubikra afurahie basi

Do you hate Virgins …??? :D::smiley:

She’s trolling. Huyo ni single mother.

Nope …
She is a certified 26 year old Muranga Virgin … :D:D:D