I am scared of marriage

Because I don’t want to lose my virginity.

You can sure through Artificial Insemination…but Kunguru will always try kunukisha kitunguu

mkia mimi penda sana…

As long as you don’t soil your blood line like prince harry did, it’s good for a woman to get married

Stay single then

you dont have to be married

@Sumeya = @Blacks4Trump = @Violete the catfisher

It goes without saying that if you really love something… let it go…if it comes back it was meant to be yours…if it doesn’t…it never was.
_read between the lines

Am just not mentally prepared yet

The idea of staying at home being a house wife poppin at least 8-10 children is scary.
Also for some reason, when I think of having intimacy with a man

Marriage completes half of your iman

Im not a judge of character but i am not falling for that virginity crap na mtu akaona aingie ktalk kutangaza.
Anyway ile siku ikifika,its going to be code 10-62 breaking & entering…

Born again virgins tunawajua.


Firi, Macanay foto weyne, are you by any chance Sooomali?

Let me confirm if its true you are a virgin first

Huyu ni Kimakia amerun out of options in life, now he wants to swindle talkers who would fall for this virginity trap

Doqon fooqol doqon aabahaa futada haa kaa waso.

The sadness in a grown man pretending to be a woman in a largely male dominated quasi anonymous forum must be profound.

Waxaad ubaahantahay dick weyn gabadheyda quruxda badan

then ud better avoid getting married to ur fellow cushites…thse are the ones who turn women into baby churning factories