I Am Not Me

I was born at Pumwani and chances are very high that I am not me. The real me could be somewhere in Runda or Muthaiga parking my Prado to pick my 2018 Range rover sport and go for drinks with some beautiful ladies at Nairobi of up. Maybe I was exchanged ,sawa tu nimefika wacheni nitoke kwa Kenya Mpya ninunue githeri ya 30 na avocado nikakule na turungi nikigojea ECL


Why, dude? Why?

iko nini kwa hio spoiler?

Dead foetuses and infants.

kaa bado fungua usifungue.
its gruesome

i surf with images off. nawajua sana wakora wa hii kijiji

poor kidos

*stolen from fb.


ho bladi asked you to open?

Unless uliexchangiwa Aga khan PZP wing…otherwise you are not making sense.Peasants sell kids not buy more kids.

Unspoil Unspoil!!

Now this is the kind of statement a Talker of your caliber should never make…it just makes one more curious to see what it is that a sponsor thinks is gruesome…