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6"2 - Hell of a dude. Damn it

Haul your gay ass back to where you came from. Na uingie hapa kwanza usituambukize viroboto. [ATTACH=full]339313[/ATTACH]

Kumbaff !!!

Username checks out

@Motokubwa aka @Big fire we know your handwritting. Ghasia wewe

Seems like we can get along well,how are you doing?

Kumbaffu ni wewe…bongolala

Unataka mabati mzee?

Ooh, okay. Karibu na uketi >>>>

Administrator anachapa kazi overtime

[COLOR=rgb(97, 189, 109)]>Ass [COLOR=rgb(97, 189, 109)]Clown
Don’t drop the soap around these 'ere parts.
Admean is watching.


This is not a dating site NVchieth!

ebu mpelekeni room 254 akakae huko

Mjengo ilikamilika omera. How is the pigsty though?


Meza dawa, chapa tizi utaishi muda mrefu

so why do you keep GAYYYYYYYYY memes ?

If you don’t host rooster fights near ongoing football games, leave your faggotry out of my life.

Your pseudonym and vivid description of yourself suggest that you are gay.