Try it one day

si ukule tu miraa kama mtu wa kawaida

Kama mtu ni mjinga haigwess saidia,hiyo ni makosa ya kijamii

Have you tried strong coffee( kahawa tungu). It works for me. Problem with a drug is your body builds tolerance. So over time that modafinil stops working. You have to take a similar drug. Similarly I have taken coffee for over 20 years, and I still feel the jolt halfway through my first cup. Amazing how nature works. Also make sure you are getting enough sleep at night.

No one should take a stimulant without a providers guidance. It has high potential for addiction and other bad things to your body. If you are falling asleep or having trouble staying awake, visit a doctor, this may be signs of other medical conditions including sleep apnea that can be addressed without medications.

I want to be super productive

Kunywa energy drink.

How different is it to normal coffee?

It’s not about that. Hii inakupea a super productive energy. To get things done

Hizo apana. Hukimbiza heartbeat mbaya sana

Just more conc. But start with regular coffee.

Ama atumie akili

Find other ways to stimulate your body, run, jog, workout, eat healthy etc otherwise tutakuja mazishi.

Uwongo. It doesn’t boost IQ.

It just makes you work like a robot.

We live to die msee.

Death is the ultimate destination

Weight train and do cardio

nataka Scopolamine kuna nyoka imenizungusha juzi