I am HIV positive

“I am HIV positive. I am HIV positive.”

Those four words continued replaying in my ears. Who the hell is this? I asked myself as I put the phone down. Hands shaking and trembling like I had just stepped on Iceland.

“Hi Okwonkwo, I am HIV positive. Go get yourself checked…” That was the full statement I received that afternoon from a strange female caller. She had hidden her number, so I couldn’t call back to find out who this devil is.

Why does satan want to destroy my life when my business is just picking up? We have just come from a difficult election year and now that am about to execute a lucrative project from a KPA tender, the devil comes to me with HIV. Why why why. So many questions without answers crossed my mind. All I could see were just question marks.


I thought of all the women I had slept with. Who of them could have infected me with HIV? No one came to mind. But they all looked healthy and dry friable? No way, this can’t be, I consoled myself.

I tried to peruse the Daily Nation but I couldn’t, every word seemed to be AIDS, HIV, DIE. I closed the paper and threw it across the room.

I thought of my young family, my wife, my 2 year old son. No way, this can’t be. How will I face my wife again? How will I get home and hug and kiss her while knowing I have infected her with the disease. How will my son live?

My mind wondered back to the dozen or so women I had fucked.

Agnes was this slim lady with a large derriere. She was not so sexy but she knew how to make love to a man’s deek.

Mwende was the kamba single mum whom I fucked when my wife had travelled upcountry. As all kambas come and go, she milked me the whole night.

Kemunto, the lady from Keroka. Another single mum, our sexcapades span a whole year and need a story of it’s own. I paid for her rent as well as her shopping once in a while.

Mildred was a career woman who worked at Britam as a Claims Officer. She was a cute petite chic and rumors had it she had feasted on by her bosses.

Winnie. I met Winnie at a Government sponsored workshop in 2016. She was a fine luo chic…

My trail of thoughts was interrupted by a knock on the door. In walked Jennifer the receptionist. I could barely recognize her from my fuzzy eyesight at this point.

I glanced at the wall clock it was just past 2pm.

“You have a visitor sir”. I kept quiet, unable to look up. “sir, you have a visitor” she repeated. A long awkward silence ensued. “Are you Ok sir”, she asked. Yes I am, tell the visitor to come back tomorrow, am very busy today.

“You don’t seem fine, what’s the matter” Jennifer prodded on. Bitch please, leave me alone, I told myself. If only she knew the agony am going through.

“Do you know of any medical center around here?” I asked her. She nodded in the affirmative. “Can I call the driver to take you there?” “No thanks” I replied. " I will drive myself"… I said.

Jennifer, was my sexretary and receptionist in my startup. We had had many quickies in this office. And today being Friday, was our usual fuck day too. Or she’s the on who had infected me? No way, my head told me.

“or maybe you need your usual dose of medicine from me?” Jennifer asked while biting her lower lip. She leaned forward on my desk exposing her luscious boobs. I stared at them but there was no arousal. Sex was far from my mind. This was not the time to think about sex. I brushed her aside. “Just go back to your desk Jenni” I told her.

“Am I not sexy enough for you, Okwonkwo? Can’t you see I even wore a mini skirt just for you?”. I stared at her. She started unbuttoning her pink blouse to reveal her polka dotted bra . She stopped at the third button, clicked her tongue then left the room.

I reached for the fridge to get a bottle of Wiliam Lawson’s whisky. Poured some in a glass and took a sip. I thought of going for a test at a medical center, but I had no energy or willpower to take myself there. Just go another day buddy, a voice told me.

My phone beeped and vibrated, signalling me of an incoming SMS. I checked it on the lock screen. It was from Jennifer. “Sorry boss, I didn’t mean…” the SMS was cut off and I thought the bitch was apologizing for trying to seduce me when I was in a foul mood. I typed in my password and opened the message.

“Sorry boss, I didn’t mean to cause you so much anguish. It was just a joke. I am the one who told you am HIV positive… tihihihi” I smiled sheepishly as I made a sigh of relief. Fuck you Jennifer, I cursed her in my head.

“Jennifer…” I called out. “Bring your stupid ass over here”.

Jennifer came into the room while laughing hysterically. “This is not funny Jennifer, stop laughing!!” I bellowed. I could not hold my laughter as well and joined her in the laugh.

" You got me bitch" “I will have to revenge”, I said.

She came round and sat on my laps. Her short skirt exposing the yummy thighs. I placed one hand on them while the other went round her back, and she reached out for a kiss. " I kissed her softly then looked away.

“Give it to me honey” She said softly. “No, not today babe. You ruined my day. My deek is still in shock.”

“Oh come on Okwonkwo”, she protested. “No Jenni, am so traumatized, not today, am sorry.” She gave me an angry look while amefurisha mashavu kama mahamri and left the room. I could hear her pack her stuff and walk out the front door.

I downed the remaining glass of whisky, took my phone and texted her, “I will make it up to you”.


Only @uwesmake can relate

Okwonkwo ni fala mangaa sana. Analeta hapa hekaya za Naswa. Leta mbisha za Jenifer basi


:D:D:D:D:D:D nilikuwa busted bana.

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Hiyo tender/nyama ya KPA, tunaweza collaborate ?


Would have said well done panya Okwonkwo Lakin hii heka umeiba mahali


nope VC, hii nimetunga from start to finish.


I donbilivyou

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Kutunga tena? Ara!!


Mbona mwende na kemunto hujawaita by their first name?
Why did you tell us Winnie is Luo?
Ehhh, Okwonkwo! Jibu hizo kwanza


huyu @Meria Mata ni meffi sana!. kumbaff yeye, anyway enjoy the hekaya.


pia nimetaja mkamba na mkisii from Keroka, shenz!

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Busted :D:D:D

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:D:D:D ni kama mimba aisee.


hehehe, “compose” kwa kiswahili mufti ni?

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Panya Okwonkwo Angusha Pt 2 niachane nawewe


You can’t hang a writer for his choice of words or phrases


I just did, utado?


Ni ‘kutunga’. You were right. Just messing with you hahahahaha

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