I am finished


When your wife catches you with her,

And when he catches the “flu” she is carrying, he will be FINISHED COMPLETELY…


The biggest problem here is the difference between the photo and its owner. When you meet the owner physically, you feel like puking! Abdalla anaresign!

Hehehe. Lemme give her the benefit of doubt for now.

Brother please do not conform to the standards of this world but renew your mind and focus on the glory which awaits us very soon.

Amen sister

Habari @Purple


Usiwahi konda. No matter how hot somebody is there’s someone somewhere who is tired of her shit.

Make up kilo mbili

Who is she?

The person who discovered make-up should be taken to ICC Hague and be jailed for crimes against Boy child. Hii ni wizi tupu.

As usual umama

If his mpango wa kando finds out then it will be he was completely finished

this is what islamist scuicide bombers are told before they are strapped with bombs… ‘focus on the GLORY that awaits you’ .:smiley: