I am feeling Under the weather- CORONA ?

In the Place I work… kuna sista ya coworker
Akonayo. He was told to go and test. This is after 3 days he knew the sister has the virus. We are waiting for confirmation to see if we will All self quarantine for 14 days ( paid ).
Currently, I have joint pains and chills. I am taking pain killers. nisipo ripoti hapa, kijana amesafiri

pole bro

difficulty breathing and dry cough? if not uko sawa

Let’s hope it’s nothing. Whatever you do to alleviate pain, avoid NSAIDs. Drugs like ibuprofen and aspirin might worsen outcomes.

Trust in the Lord. Hauna

Gani nitumie?


It’s not 100% proven yet but French doctors gave caution that ibuprofen is bad for covid-19. Use paracetamol instead…

So the previous week I was working on a project with my manager… Alafu monday akajipatia 2 weeks self quarantine… so the whole week he was video calling…he things it’s flu. My symptoms started this week Thursday

Si umeresearh hii kitu banae…

Na mild stomach discomfort?

Thought , ni hagah:D

Go for testing and confirm sio io before usambazie wengine.

@gashwin alienda…
Sasa …ni sista ama rafiki yako…
Meffi in my eyes

She tries so hard to look smart but a very empty head…

Rest in peace young nigga there’s a heaven for a G.

I thought that was a rumor on whatsup

Ask your doc if you can start malariaquin.

Salimia moi ukifika

Fare thee well bro,until we meet again