I am Deserving ... @Administrator


Over the years, I have shaped the lives and thinking of subsaharan africans. I have bettered them in ways that no one else ever did nor will. I have showed them what inherently slows them

I hinge my request for a title description on my inalienable contribution here

Weka A- in '94 under my name

it wasnt easy in 94

A- ya Mogadishu high school doesn’t mean anything.

The title befitting you should be Village Terrorist.

I am a long standing, law abiding, befitting and respectable member of this society

Hii musumari itaua mimi. Idi Admin,patia yeye title

Hata wewe si sponsor. You don’t have a say

All talkers of allowable intelligence should stand behind this drive.

This is for you.

This is for all of you who never thought your hard work and ingenuity would be respected.

We live in a world where cons and dense people are celebrated, time for the ingenious to be feted.

Yaani jibaba lizima la 45 years these are the things pre-occupying your mind? Forte faev?

we support bingwa scrotum

Nomad unasumbua

@administrator … I also endorse. He will have another milestone to keep bitching about to his fellow Arabs…

Somalispot ——————————————>

age shaming does nothing to me

I aint a subbie

We were here first before you covered sudan, congo forest, and cameroun forest

Village Arab Master …dont you think?

Hata wewe si sponsor. You don’t have a say

@administrator give me the title bwana

Mimi niliambia admin aniwekee title ya the “Village fagget” hajawai weka.He said i have to lick his balls first

mumekuja juzi. hapana somoa sisi. we are the original inhabitants of this place.

soma history

I am happy for you ninja. Umepambana mpaka umepata title…:D:D:D