I am back

Hey villagers, I was very far in Tharamangalam in Tamil Nadu state for business deals. Now am back. Updates please?

no wonder village inanuka

Choose one as a welcome gift sir.

Rudi Tu huko India Patel ghasia!

Which deals?unadeal na nn

Conman wa New Dehli, anauza fake saffron na fake cachmere

ISRO lander crashes and Ranjeet shows back up. Coincidence? I think not.

me milk your sister, milk coming out. send vagena, tiike bhai @ranjeet?

You don’t want Indian pussy bhai, it’s dry and rusty. You’ll end up with a shredded mjulubeng.

you Indian? send vagena also me eat with eyes

I’m no dirty paki, although I’ve mwagad in a few.

Ngoiyala, Pura maira!!

:D:D:D:D hamjasaidia huyu jamaa

Vaaaat?! Bhenchod!

:D:D hio advance niaje ranchieth

Chokiri ?
Chokoro ?

tunakuona doing your business