I am back

I was away for some time in my home country, India, a federal republic, a fast-growing, diverse [B]economy[/B] with a large, skilled workforce and the world’s largest democracy.

I was in Bangalore


Now, I just landed JKIA. Any updates???

was also in India, Chennai, but nothing good to talk about. I will never go back there again

how was Aundra Pradesh.

Generally good, warm sometimes cool breeze.


I heard you have a female mod!

two third gender rule my fren.

Kalisha makei huko…

Admin, does KTalk 'catch’ only in Kenya? Extend your services to India by installing KT (cell) towers in Aundra Pradesh and Bangalore.

Velkom bek

Nì Kama tu Brussels.

India is the last place on earth I will ever set foot in. Ferking overpopulated shithole.

There was a talker who posted a photo of himself with an Indian newspaper, did he ever come back ama pia yeye hana internet huko?



Why didn’t I notice you were not around?

Hehehe. Mko na ufala.

Orkiah pakri chodh…

Mhindi ng’ombe

The place is stinking filthy dirty, I could not even swim in the ocean for fear of getting an infection.