If i didn’t mention it when i talk about platinum games(yes am a mad fan) but this is that very rare xbox 360 gem that is comming to pc.After Bayonetta is sega starting to think straight [ATTACH]99212[/ATTACH]


Fuck me at 60+ fps this will kill so much time for me…i loved this game lost ma original copy but man i fucking love it
@Alchemist @TerribleWaste @slevyn

Watu wa need for speed na FIFA tunaketi wapi?


Na watu wa brick game?

Kitambo nilikuwa champion wa Snake

May 25th just became very important!

Bruh fifa na need for speed ni kama mse wa basketball na cheerleaders…its a short stint then back to the big boys.Ps hii game has a nice tripy chase scene

Iza since sony erricson ilidie na ni sony pekee siku hizi sioni ikirudi tena

Don say that shit…without proof.Champ? Ulifika level gani

2017 bruh na imagine we ain even at E3 yet

check out this epic for honor season 2 (Centurion & Shinobi) Gameplay


I was so much into this idea …i like the crazy fuck that came up with him.but the always online and it bieng ubisoft didn’t make it a buy.When its on sale nitagrab but its at the bottom of the list.
Plus kuna rumours za far cry so E3 keep your ears pilled cant wait for ma gurl Aisha Tyler

master race forever