I Almost Died

Back in Campus, money was terribly scarce, Terrible!mfuko ilikua imetoboka.Drinks lazima tungachanga.

I remember vividly like it was yesterday. My drinking to date is nowhere as bad as this particular day wadau.

On a Thursday afternoon, after class, the weather was just right. we checked in a keg joint, the 6 of us and ordered Jug Daniel each his own. I think it was @150 each and a botty of top-secret to act as the chaser. vile tulikua at the 3rd Jug, we decided to crank things up a bit. I think One joint was lit. Normally the rule is, light a joint, puff puff then pass the shit, someone decided to fuck with the normal social norm and I think we had three of them going around.

Up to this point, I’m still doing okay, until the normal keg was out. Tuka decide tuchape keg ya Guinness. fuck Guinness keg.i can’t recall how I reached my friend’s house that was almost 10 km away. I found him just chilling with a cigarette. I don’t smoke cigarette but on this day, Nikamwomba moshi moja ya fegi…that was the coup de grace.Nililewa ka ghasiaile unaskia kwa kichwa ndiiiiiiiiiiiii Nilipuke karubi ni kufe… I was sooo high maze I would never want to be that high.i was almost being rushed to a nearby clinic. I am grateful I didn’t kill myself.

anyway, being young and stupid.

How old are you now

fairly young.

Basi keti pale----------->alafu repeat this time with Johnie Walker Blue and report here

Ungekua jaba Ungekua na hizi shida za tei

una jaribu kusema nini kaka

At least you learnt quite early ateeee hii pombe sio soup. Hope you drink in moderation today.

:D:D:DYou are so mean.

huyo ni keypeee

hio ni equalizer fiti sana

keypee na mimi ndio nili rangira buda yako

Peleka hii huko Hekaya section.Ghaseeer

Ati kutapika pekee inafanya wakupeleke hosi?

Unalewa na beer mbili ghaseer

Banaa nimewaikunywa mzinga on an empty stomach, yaani ile umelala usingizi ya pombe then unaamshwa na simu ati u report to bash kuna mzinga yako solo, na mlevi akili ikiskia pombe inauwa senses za njaa , Una dive in, story for another day

For him to find this “joke” worth telling, he must be still in his puberty.

ushawai jiharia

Keg ya black ikitoklezea I was a father of 3, two were schooling.


Alafu ukajikuta na Momo in bed the following morning under the cover of Raymond’s blanket