I agree with POTUS

"…Just because something is a tradition does not make it right… "

Hii maneno ya early (forced) marriages lazima iishe.



Agree completely. Are those Turukana guys? the guy taking on the bride is carrying the traditional Turukana stool.

Like I said, if you and @D-Stunt: Gilboa. plus anyone else ever come up with a situation where I came at you and labelled you a misogynist without any proof, I am ready and willing to apologize.

You, my friend, sound so backwards that I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that you sit facing the passengers ukiwa umekaa hapo mbele na dereva.


…first time I’ve seen a chiqa crying wakati jamaa anamteka ni obvious sana ako na gari :eek::D:D:D

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That is the father

Did I just hear Obama say that he told the opposition leader to stop whining now that are not in government as they did not complain when it was their time in government!

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Please quote

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However, I think monk is being sarcastic, remember all the times people have hidden behind 'our culture" or “sovereignty” to rally against anything branded foreign like the gay issue


Listen here, you fu.ckwitt. I do not agree with early marriages or any oppressive acts against women or anyone else. I said that you called @ol monk a misogynist and that was true. At the time you were just pulling accusations from your ass, but today I have to agree he has vindicated you. I do not want to be involved in your luckwitt victory dance. Now go ahead and kiss, Ms. Misadrist and Mr. Misogynist.

Furthermore, I think he’s being sarcastic.

Take your desperation somewhere else.


Waah kwani he married at what, 15? The dude looks like what a 20 to early 30-something-year-old would look like akiishi maisha ya kuchomwa na jua!!


the girl is from marigat. Here are the orignal articles

lol how convenient

Ol monkey you forgot to use sarcasm font … You know very well that the average IQ of this village ain’t that high


a grave mistake, we now understand when one is out to prove a point she forgets her sarcasm glasses.

FYI nefertities in this village monk is always calling out cases of statutory rapists ot pottential statutory rapists like in that thread where he adviced most guyz to turn themselves in although you were not too happy since he never pulled it down;

He once trolled the prayer warriors for weeks with his remarks that were off character but most or some of us knew what was going on.

I hope he is too cz this issue sickens me!

He is being sarcastic yawa.

my bad … i learn something new everyday

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