I agree, financial doping will destroy football

Sean Coxon amedinya point ya uzito banaa.
I might not be a football fan, but even I am concerned about the impact of dollar billionaires who buy clubs and rule them as personal fiefdoms. It ends up distorting the entire market. These billionaires buy players for ridiculous amounts, which has a ripple effect across the entire league. All self-respecting countries/leagues should ban these filthy billionaires from investing their dirty money into their clubs. Football is a common man’s game, it should never be priced out of the reach of the mwananchi. Say no to financial doping in sports!!


It brings money to the economy and sports industry in the UK. Despite their big spending, these teams do not have a 100% chance of winning. Crystal Palace proved money is not everything that one time.

European football is the current financial laundromat of the world.

50+1 ownership for the fans should be introduced bundesliga style.

Already kuna FFP rules. The important thing is to enforce the rules and punish severely the evil doers. I feel this “financial doping” thing though has taken a racist angle coz mzungu are bitter Arabs have come out of nowhere and are colonizing European leagues.

ha ha not all is lost, Arsenal is trying to build players from ground up instead of throwing money around

Very true.

Take corruption out of UEFA and we will see state owned clubs like PSG sweating bullets.
The corrupt PSG president is a board member of UEFA.

Here is an article about PSG president bribery allegations and settlement.