Handshake between Customer and Dealer inspired Hyundai Logo



And by the way, it’s pronounced hyun-day. Apana hyu-ndai

Nice info some of their cars are really good

Like which ones

I had Hyundai getz once inaka Mr bean unakanyaga acceleration haisongi but was very stable under high speeds. Gari ilikata kufa. Also had a Hyundai i30 one of the most comfortable cars I ever drove. Both of them the fuel efficiency was excellent.

I have a sonata which is prerty cool

Hyundai and Daewoo had serious competition in the late 90s just like Samsung and LG

Jaribu palisade SUV matata kweli!

the korean pronunciation or a makeshift american english jargon?

I have a Hyundai Sonata, man this company produces some of the best cars in comfort, durability, performance and price.