Oe hii price ya 5M ni mtumba ama ni brand new pale hyundai kenya? kati ya hii na toyota PRADO which would you pick?


watu wa german machine wako bclub

ngoja hapo watakuja kesho 11am

have watched some videos of hyundai cars being tested for lane departure and detection of pedestrian, and they are horrible. They just grab tech and add into their cars without proper testing whether they will work or not.

Tumia tu side mirror, tried and tested

You can be sold fancy stuff by some of these car makers but none of them works right. I would take prado because its plain, nothing fancy but its the perfect car for our terrain because roads are bad. If I needed to look cool and had a lot of money I would take this hyundai.

take for example the LED lamp on that car. its fancy, environmental friendly?, and probably expensive but does not work better than a simple HID lamp. lane departure? where now. you will spend most time trying to overtake its not like you will cruise straight for long in kenya. I would go for power instead.

Izo tech ata sidhani kama mwafrika huwanga nayo keen. Uyo msee ni kama ni mtembeaji kama mfugo.

How dare you compare the venerable j150 to some slay queen of a car

I just discovered the other day that my car has hill start assist after over 5 years of ownership. Kuna button zingine mbili next to the gear lever sijui ni za nini. But sitaki kujua coz I am just okay.

Hyundai has come a long way. They poached alot of Toyota engineers thats why gari zao ziko poa

Zimeandikwa nini?

Hold na ingine iko na kitu kama star hivi.

Have you driven one ama ni kupayuka tu kama kawa?

Hyundai palisade nikama Kia Sorento ,CX 9 hivi in terms of performance ,ride comfort , handling and size,yes I drove one in USA in 2019.

Hyundai have come a long way. In the 90s ukinunua hyundai ulikuwa unachekwa sana juu ilikuwa mkebe. Most Kenyans thought Hyundai was a Chinese chieth product. @Sambamba said his father iwned one and would take him to thika rd christian with it. Or maybe they owned a Musso. Who knows.

@uwesmake 's father drove a bicycle but cha muhimu ni ati watoto walisoma.

@Abba alitisha sana juzi ati his father the Nabongo could afford a Suzuki jimny. It must have been the only car in that village.

150 series ya 5m ni gari noma sana. prado or nothing

If you have 5 mil to spend on a car in kenya? Tafuta tu j150… Tried and tested