Hypothetically speaking !!!

If a patient commits suicide by jumping from the second floor while in the care of the hospital…
Is the hospital liable?

No. Unless somebody pushed him. My assumption is that this is not a mental case. So ruka tu

Hypothetically speaking… if the person in question is not from a birrionaire background, You can partner with @pamba to effectively sweep the matter to the dust bin.

Dude, I have to ask you this. Why do you like exclamations so much?

Tell us more ,wewe umeficha white huku …

Bomoa pole pole kabat na wachana na injinia 11:41a.m

injinia gani?mundu mosiro kabisa

Hypothetically speaking… the guy has bn suffering from unknown illness for a while then it was confirmed as stage four cancer then he decides to commit suicide under the care of the hospital. How are they not liable.
Hypothetically speaking there is cctv footage showing what happened.

Bad habit. Nitawacha.

Never heard medical hosi placing patients on suicide watch. If it was a psychiatric hospital, maybe they would be liable.
Halafu kama hosi ni ya Kenya, the word liable is almost…well…lets just say they are equipped with lawyers kibao so making that case stick will be close to impossible. JS…

Your hypothesis is very short, make it at least 3 pages then I can make a meaningful contribution.

You can also ignore my post…

Thanks. On the double.